A Step-by-Step Guide for Changing a Flat Tire


It always seems to happen at the worst possible time. You’re running late or you have an important meeting and then you spot it. The dreaded flat tire. While changing your tire can be a pain, with the right knowledge it is fairly straightfoward. 

If the flat tire happens whilst you are driving, the first thing you need to do is to move the car to a safe place. Be sure to put your car in park and turn your hazard lights on. 

Now you’re ready to start:

Locate your spare tire, jack, and tire iron: You will probably find these items in your car’s truck underneath the floor mat. Be sure to check the condition of the spare tire. 

Loosen the wheel lugs: Loosen being the keyword - do not remove them. Using your tire iron (the L-shaped bar) carefully loosen each wheel lug. 

Jack up the car: You will need space to remove the flat tire. Place the jack underneath the jack point and raise the jack until the wheel is off the ground. 

Remove the flat tire: Now is the time to remove the wheel lugs. Once removed, store them in a safe spot and remove the tire. 

Install the spare: This will require a bit of muscle. You will need to maneuver the spare tire until it is hanging on the wheel studs. Once in position, screw each of the wheel lugs back on. 

Lower the car: Using the jack, slowly move the car back down. Be sure to check that the wheel lugs are tightened completely. 

Buy a new tire: It is important to replace your spare tire ASAP. At Woodhouse Ford South, our Ford service and parts center will help you select the right tires. We have a large selection and competitive prices! 

We hope you are never stuck with a flat tire, but if you are we’re here to help. If you are searching for Ford service near me in Nebraska City, NE, look no further than our Ford dealership. 

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